Jini Coolidge
536 Arizona Avenue
Glenwood, Illinois 60425

Classes, Art Shows

"One of the finest watercolor artists alive today"
Suburban Journals of Chicago  2006, 2008



From a traditional arts background, the artist pools her talent into pleasant blends of color and intensity.  She paints mostly from her own experience- traveling each year to achieve a wide subject catalog and refreshed spirits.  Her love of strong color has led, also, to a series of fruits and vegetables, some of them oversized, which are brilliant and exciting.

Jini has taught on the elementary school, high school, and adult levels - each class taught and demonstration given strengthen her outlook and add to understanding of her own work.  Her creativity and experiences span the arts with watercolor being the primary but not lone success.

Jini has a Bachelor of Science degree from Western Michigan University in Art Education.  She continues to study watercolor in classes and workshops where she builds her circle of friends, receives support and plies her creativity.

The artist’s rewards grow more prestigious as she rises to new challenges.  Her work hangs in the Amoco collections in Chicago, Tulsa and Connecticut and private collections across the United States and in several foreign countries.